• The Fundamentals Of The Game Of Blackjack

    Slot machines are literally cash cows for any casino, where they bring in about two-thirds of the total revenue. Everything about them is virtually free of any expense, bar the initial set up cost. They never phone in sick, they are never late for work and they never have to leave work early. They do not need to be paid and they require no insurance benefits. They make the most perfect employees! In addition they are easy to play, they are always available – if one is broken, there are usually another couple of hundred on which to play – and because they are computerized, players can slot in as much money as they like as fast as they like! Players rarely realize the huge profit the casinos make from their hard earned money.

    Slots are one of the most popular casino games after Roulette and Blackjack. A testament to the popularity is the fact that they are also found in hotels, airports and bars. There are a variety of slot machines to suit everyone’s pocket, ranging from five cents up to twenty dollars per spin. For many people they are the perfect outlet for an evening of fun and excitement as the high-dollar card and Roulette tables can give them a feeling of intimidation. The slot machine also requires no skill or knowledge; you can just sit there, feed it money and wait in hope for the thrill of the big jackpot!

    The mechanism that drives the slot machines is really rather easy to understand. When the player presses the ‘Spin’ button, the reels of the machine do just thatuntil they stop. What causes them to stop? Well, after the machine has spun a certain number of times it is programmed to stop. This is known as the Random Number Generator (RNG) selection. In years gone by, the slots worked mechanically, but now they are controlled electronically. The software is programmed to produce a RNG which causes the reels to stop spinning. In no way does the player influence the outcome of the spin. Every second, hundreds and thousands of random numbers are being dished up by the RNG. At the same time that the player presses the ‘Spin’ button, a number is produced and that is the number of times the reels spin. And of course there is a catch – these numbers are repeated according to how the machine has been programmed, and are known as Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG). So, the number of spins is not really incidental. Slot machines can be custom-manufactured so that they never repeat the same number.

    Now you are wondering how it is possible to ever win the jackpot on the slot machines. This can – and does – happen! The slots also have a programme that pays out a percentage of what the player has put into the slots. This is known as the Return to Player (RTP) and naturally, it is the lowest percentage possible. The RTP percentage can be changed in the software of the slot machine, or sometimes there is a Slot Manager who changes the numbers by remote control, thus ensuring that all players get the correct percentage payout in relation to the amount of money they have put into the slot. Whenever the percentage payout is changed, the players are told by way of an announcement. To enhance the jackpot that can be won, some slot machines are linked to each other and each machine provides a certain amount of that jackpot. Sometimes, whole casinos are linked to other casinos providing a whopping jackpot!

    As mentioned, slots have to be the easiest game to play with absolutely no mental effort required on the part of the player. You start off by picking your slot machine according to how much you want to bet each time you spin, and how much you want to win. Some machines have 3 reels, others have 5 reels and they also have varying payout lines – sometimes up to 15! Other slots are known simply as the ‘fruit machines’. You put your money into the machine, the reels will spin and each one will stop at a different time but within seconds of each other. You will win if the symbols on the payout line match up, or if one of the ‘special’ symbols shows up with 2 other matching symbols. Different combinations produce different amounts of winnings. Most machines have a list of the winning combinations printed on them together with how much the player has won.

    A number of machines have the option of doubling or quadrupling your bet – remember the more you bet, the more you lose too. Some machines offer bonus spins when a certain winning combination of symbols comes up and others have progressive jackpots where each spin is linked to a bigger jackpot amount. The one rule to stick to when playing Progressive Slots is to always play the maximum bet – if you don’t you have no chance of winning the jackpot. Someone can win it in a minute or it could take months until someone finally hits the winning combination. After a big win, the jackpot goes right down again, but never lower than about $100. With these progressive slots you feel like you are playing the lottery instead of a simple game in a casino!

    Nowadays there are modern slots available at some newer gambling establishments where you exchange your money for tokens. You buy up to the value with which you wish to gamble from a central cashier. Tokens are all one value – there are no different denominations. You can still vary the amount of your bet depending how many tokens you use for each spin. Using the tokens eliminates the risk of criminals prowling the area as there is only one point on which to concentrate security staff and cameras. They also cut out the coin handling costs, and prevent the need for slot machines having …

  • Top Four Roulette Tips You Need To Know…

    Roulette remains a game that has strong appeal for casino patrons who love a fast-paced table game without having to deal with the intricacies of strategy, card-counting and trying to beat the dealer via probability and statistics. If you’re planning on heading for the roulette table anytime in the near future, keep the following tips in mind.

    1. Strategy means nothing in roulette

    Roulette is first and foremost a game of chance. Anyone who speaks of a strategic approach to the game is either lying through teeth or just plain ignorant. The only systems that exist are the French bets like Thirds of the Wheel, Orphans, and Neighbors of Zero, and the martingale/grand martingale systems. The former are pre-determined patterns of laying out your chips on the board. The latter refers to the quantity of the chips you bet at a given moment in the game, depending on how many consecutive losing or winning streaks you’re currently on.

    2. Blanket betting will leave you high and dry

    Imagine placing a $1 chip on every inside bet on the roulette table. On a European table, that’s 37 squares (including zero); on an American table that’s 38 (this table has both a single and double zero, so it’s one extra square). If you glance at all your chips, you’ll soon realise that just outlaid $37-$38, but the very best payout on a straight-up is $35. You’ll end up spending more money trying to cover the board than you will in actual casino payouts.

    3. Outside Bets are less risky, but their payout is insipid

    Outside bets encompass a large range of the roulette table. You could choose to bet on black, red, odd, even, dozens and columns. These are all much “safer” bets than the inside of the board, but their payouts tend to be limited to even money (that’s a 2:1 payout). Of course, an unusually large bet can still net you a very handsome profit, like it did for Ashley Revell who staked nearly $136,000 on red in Las Vegas. Revell won the round and walked away with double his money. Imagine if Revell had bet that entire sum straight up: that would be over $4.7 million! The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

    4. Don’t bet more than you’re prepared to lose

    Of all the guidelines and rules at the casino, this stands as the single most important one. Set yourself reasonable limits and stick to them. Make this decision before you set a single chip down! If you’ve limited yourself to $500 for the evening, then no matter what happens during game play respect those limits. Chasing money, as it’s called, can potentially to lead to enormous losses if unchecked. Rather know your boundaries beforehand. If you’re following a martingale or grand martingale system, then know when to stop doubling up. If you don’t, you could increase your losses exponentially. Of course, a win could just around the corner, but that’s an abstract concept at best and a devastating, life-altering loss at worst.

    The betting area

    The betting area allows players to make a myriad of wagers and presents players with the opportunity to engage in strategic gaming. The roulette layout has two general betting areas: the inside betting area and the outside betting area. Let us take a look at these areas individually:

    Inside Bets

    Inside bets are bets that involve the numbers 0 to 36. Indies bets include all straight up bets (clean number bets) and a number of combinative bets, referred to by their jargoned names:

    * Straight Up bets

    Straight up bets are wagers posted on one specific number. Hover over any number between 0 and 36 and you will see that the payout, should you win, is set at x36 (35-to-1). The reason why players should be playing Premier Roulette, as with French and European roulettes, is that there is no double-zero and the chances of winning will therefore be greater.

    * Split Bets

    The split bet is a wager placed straddling two numbers. The way one can place such bets is by placing their chip(s) on the line dividing any two numbers on the roulette layout. This bet pays 17-to-1 and is very popular with most roulette players.

    * Street Bets & Double Street Bets

    Street bets are three number bets. Since the roulette table’s number layout grid is made up of 3 columns and 12 rows (3 x 12 = 36 numbers, excluding the 0), placing street bets is done by wagering on the bottommost line bordering the outside bets of 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. Hover over the line separating the inside bets from the outside bets and you will see the above 3 numbers simultaneously light-up; all you have to do then is place your bet by clicking on the line. Street Bets, except those involving the 0, are sequential bets, which means that they will embrace natural sequence numbers such as 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, and so on. Street Bets pay 11-to-1.

    Double street bets are made very similarly to street bets; however, this time you will be looking to highlight and engage two neighboring rows totaling in 6 numbers instead of just one. These bets pay 5-to-1.

    * Quad Bets

    Quad bets, meaning ‘bets of 4′, are possible when you place a wager that makes contact with the corners of 4 numbers. An example of such bets is a 19, 20, 22 and 23 quad wager. Again, hover over the center of four neighboring numbers until they are highlighted and proceed by placing your bet. The payout for quad bets is 8-to-1.

    * Basket Bets

    Basket bets are triple or quarter number bets involving the zero. These bets pay 11-to-1 when on 3 numbers and 8-to-1 when on 4. Examples of triple basket bets include 0-1-2, 0-2-3, whilst the only possible quarter bet involves all 4 numbers, namely 0-1-2-3-4.…


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