• You Can Only Win a Little at the Casino

    Casino and gambling are a lot of fun. On the other hand, they also cost a good sum. Like most experts would tell you, there is no way someone could make a casino go bankrupt. The other way around, however, happens every so often.

    Casinos are built to earn money from people who like placing bets and putting their bank accounts at risk. The most that you can get from them is entertainment. Learn to maximize the fun part. Enjoy what you are doing because that is what you are paying for.

    The sd truth about casinos is that they can only allow you to gain a little. They cannot let you zoom with wealth. If ever you earn enough from them, they will make sure that you will spend every thing that you got and if possible, more. There is a reason, casinos keep track of your gambling activities. Every time you convert chips to money or every time you use your comps. If they ever get an air that you are winning big, they will do every thing to catch up on you.

    A land-based casino offers a lot of distraction. There is the parade of scantily-clad women, the generous pouring of free drinks, and the extra special treatment of casino personnel. Do not fall victim to any of them. Keep your mind focused into your game. Try not to mix your gambling habit with any other vice. If you must enjoy a sip of alcoholic drink or two, do it after your game.

    When the casino staff is obviously breathing down your neck, there is an obvious reason. That is, you are consistently winning over them. Casino personnel are only nice to you while you are making their establishment profitable. To keep them distracted, follow these tips:

    Tip #1: Do not cash in your chips on the same day that you have won them. You may cash them in the next day when, hopefully, the casino staff has changed. Do not cash in by bulk. That will give the casino a concrete reason to keep an eye on you.

    Tip #2: Keep a low profile. Do not be boastful and display your wins prominently. That may be good for your ego but certainly not for your bank roll. If you get the chance, try to keep some of your chips. The player with most chips always gets the casino’s attention.

    Tip #3: Do not tip to impress. Giving tips is a good practice but when you are at the casino, you must learn how to do this without sacrificing your image.…

  • Some Sound Advice to Gamblers

    New to the casinos? Take the advice of your fellow gamblers and avoid ruin. Here’s our advice to all the gamblers out there.

    Making Foolish Bets.

    No gambler should bet without knowing the odds and payoffs associated with the bet. Do your homework before putting your money on the line. Do you really know what odds you’re up against in slots or keno or poker?

    Going on Tilt.

    “Tilt” is a term used in poker. It describes a player who has gotten upset to the point that their game suffers. The quality of their play deteriorates; they play more hands than usual and they over-bet. When a normally patient gambler begins to make hasty decisions, you know they are on tilt. This makes them vulnerable to attack, especially in poker where experienced gamblers are quick to exploit such things.

    When you sense you are about to go on tilt, stop playing. Take a break. Go have a drink, eat or play a different game. Whatever you do, give yourself time to recover mentally and emotionally. You were dealt a bad beat but staying in the game and losing more money won’t help make it better.

    A gambler who is on tilt is chasing losses. They lost a great deal of money, got humiliated or both. Accept that it happens to everyone. If you rush it, you will only make it worse. Relax and review your game plan before playing further.

    Going through a Dry Period.

    Everyone goes through dry periods. These are times – sometimes lasting many months – when you just win nothing. It happens even to the best players. Even professional video poker and blackjack gamblers have such rough times. There are only two things that can save you here: ample bankroll and patience.

    An ample bankroll is necessary for most serious gambling expeditions. You can expect to hit a royal flush every 40,000 hands, but it doesn’t always happen. You may know the theoretical expected return of blackjack or poker, but there is such a thing as standard deviation. How do you last during those dry spells? Same way you survive a drought: have plenty of food and water. In this case, it’s your bankroll. Make sure you have enough money to keep playing until the big win finally comes.

    Overrating Comps.

    Comps are useful. They add to your total winnings and make you feel better when you are losing. But you need to have the right attitude toward these. Comps are only a by-product of your gambling. Getting comps is not an end in itself. Don’t be jealous of gamblers who brag about or show off all the great comps they get. Most likely you’re looking at the casinos’ biggest losers.

    On the other hand, you don’t have to be a loser to get comped. If you stay loyal to a casino and play for a long time, you will get better and better rating even if you aren’t a high roller. Speaking of which, comps aren’t just for the wealthy. Most comps today go to ordinary slot players from whom the casino makes most of its money!…

  • Show Me the Money; Gambling in Lottery

    Lotteries have been since a day in and day out the most popular and widely most accepted ways of gambling in the word. The lottery, in general, is said to have started somewhere in China. Some say it was called the White Pigeon Game and was invented in the Han dynasty but others claim that lotteries were born in Europe somewhere in Italy. Whichever came first does not really matter anymore for there are so many types of lotteries that we can find in many countries today.

    We have Keno for example which has been popularized in many countries around the world and is being played with 80 and sometimes 70 balls out of which 20 are drawn. The players must choose 20 different numbers and the more numbers you win, the higher your payout. Keno is also unique when it comes to the wager because Keno is the only gambling game where you can bet that you get zero correct hits.

    The Lotto is the most common and most loved form of lottery, although the probability winning the jackpot in Lotto is very small, many people around the world still keep on playing it maybe because they want to believe in winning. Usually, the Lotto involved 49 or 45 total numbers out of which six are being chosen as the winning combination. The payouts depend on a wager and on how many numbers you have picked correctly. The minimum payout comes when a player can show at least four correct numbers.

    Another lottery game is Bingo which has been popular everywhere for teaching purposes rather than gambling purposes. It only is in the US where Bingo is a popular gambling game and is often organized by churches. Every player gets a Bingo card with preset numbers and a caller announces the winning numbers. If the player was able to form a special design out of the winning numbers on the paper, then the player may call Bingo and be declared the winner of this gambling game.

    There are also other lottery gambling games worldwide, like number games that involve guessing the right number or lotteries where the number in the gambling game only has three digits. China is very popular for its number games and different kinds of lotteries, so a visit to China is never wrong if you want to experience the number of gambling games.

    In total there are more than ten different lottery types that are commonly found all over the world and there are surely more. Enjoy the lottery gambling type in your country and rejoice over any won amount.…

  • Online Poker’s Contributions To Gambling Industry

    Online poker instantly became a famous form of gambling among novice and professionals alike. Since Internet technology invaded the gambling industry one of the most herald forms of gambling is online poker. It cannot be denied that the gambling industry gained prestige through online poker because most gamblers are now playing more online poker games nowadays and online poker remains to be as famous as ever among other forms of gambling.

    Considering the numerous reasons a gambler may resort to playing online poker, the excitement and fun encompassing playing online poker cannot be denied. It is true that the gambling population highly patronize online poker because it is a challenging game of chance with an incorporated demand of a player’s skills.

    Online poker players need to understand that unlike any common games offered in gambling, playing poker requires a player to be skillful in order to win. The poker game outcome of a player does not solely rely on luck.

    Probably because of this challenge imbued in a game of poker, the gambling population was more enticed to playing poker. The addition of the Internet’s availability for playing online poker provides the opportunity to the global gambling community to play online poker with added convenience on time and place. This makes the gambling industry more active with the high energy of marketing the industry because of the warm patronage of gamblers to online poker.

    The increasing popularity of online poker to the gambling industry opens the door for more gambling establishments to open through the Internet because of the good potential for marketing business through online poker rooms. T

    he warm patronage of the gambling population to online poker serves as a signal that more poker rooms are needed to accommodate the growing numbers of poker players flocking the Internet to experience the excitement of playing poker online.

    The positive response to poker among gamblers is probably due to the easy availability of playing online poker via the net. Greater convenience is indeed benefited by poker players when they play a game of online poker.

    Another factor which poker garnered as one of the famous game in gambling is its versatility in terms of the kind of poker game that gamblers can choose from. There are Texas Holdem, draw poker, studs and many other variants of a poker game. Poker does not bore gamblers because of these varieties. And because of this feature, the gambling industry is alive and healthily operating because of the wide market coming mostly from online poker rooms.…

  • How to Choose an Effective Gambling System

    Every gambler, except for the most mindless, has some kind of system in that they use when they play. For amateurs, it is only a style of play that they have grown accustomed to using, or have developed through intuition or superstition only. Pro gamblers are different in that they actively look for gambling systems that work.

    You may have heard of progressive betting systems such as the Martingale System. The Martingale has the gambler increase their wager with every loss. It is based on the principle that no losing streak can go on forever; sooner or later a win will come and you will regain your losses and see some profit as well.

    This may seem like a good idea and it is… if you’re playing a computer game with an endless supply of play chips. It is not so advisable to use this betting system in real life because the bankroll required is too big, and the reward too small. What’s more, casino tables have maximum bet limits on them so if you do go on a very long losing streak, you risk losing your entire play session bankroll. The Martingale shows that the casino can be beaten, but only if you had oodles of money and there was no wagering cap.

    There are other betting systems and playing systems around. We will not endorse a single one in this article, but we do give hints for choosing the right one for you. Remember, each casino game has its own house advantage and playing style; thus each game calls for its own gambling system. The following is a general guide only:


    – The system must fit the particular game on which it will be used. – The system must have stopping points for winning and losing. – The system must have wager shifts or progressions for stages in the game. – The system must be able to adjust to negative phases in the game. – The system must show prudence with the bankroll.

    You can look up gambling systems in books and online tutorials and web sites. Once you have chosen a system to your liking, you have one thing to do: Practice, practice, and practice with it. Study it, apply it, and master it to the best of your ability. How long it takes to become expert of a system depends on the system and the game it is used for.

    Make the system your own to such an extent that it becomes a habit. Anything less will cause you to digress from the system when things go badly. And if you are easily distracted, consider playing in an online casino instead of a live one – the fewer distractions, the better. As a pro gambler, you must be ready to break with old habits and create new ones for the sake of better gambling.…


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