How does the idea of multiple profits from multiple roulette wheels sound to you? Imagine that you decided to bet your entire stake on red, only to find that the wheel of fortune selected black for that round? Chances are you’d be gutted, distraught and not a little bit pissed off.

Think of Ashley Revell who a few years back decided to public bet his entire net worth on a single road of the roulette wheel. Revell staked about $135,000 on a roulette red. The event was filmed on TV and had attracted a sizeable crowd of onlookers, some of whom began crying as the roulette wheel spun furiously to determine Revell’s financial fate and future.

Fortunately for Revell, fate was kind enough to smile on him that day. Had he lost, he would not have been poor but the subject of public ridicule and sympathy. That’s where Crazy Vegas’s Multi-wheel option could save your reputation and that of your bank balance. It allows you to wager your bets on up to eight different wheels simultaneously! A loss on one wheel can be easily counter-posed by a variety of wins on another. Your board layout will remain the same, with your own selection of splits, corners, straight-ups and streets. What changes, of course, is the numbers that the wheel selects. Each of the eight roulette wheels operates completely independently, using verified random-number generations. And while it’s possible for a wheel to select the same numbers, that’s a highly unlikely coincidence, one that would, in fact, work firmly in your favor had you bet correctly.

The entire concept of a multiple wheel spins does two things simultaneously: it hedges your bets, thereby spreading your risk across eight wheels, while also potentially compounding a win. Let’s imagine you placed a wager on the EVEN square, signifying your prediction that the roulette ball will land on an even integer. If this turns out to be true on all eight of your spinning wheels, you win that round eight times! That’s an enormous payout, because your win is compounded. The obvious corollary to this, as with all casino games, is that a compounded loss will be also felt more acutely, but that’s the inherent risk you take in any gambling adventure. At least by wagering on up to eight wheel you give yourself a firm chance of a payout.

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A final word on the multi-wheel mechanism

Remember, there are eight potential wheels in play here. This is in no way an insistence that you bet using all of them. You have the option of disabling as many wheels as you feel comfortable with. You can just as easily play the game in a single-wheel style. And each round, you get to change your selection. Crazy Vegas exists to give its patrons as many options as possible suited to their particular betting style and the unique disposition of each and every player.

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