Every gambler, except for the most mindless, has some kind of system in that they use when they play. For amateurs, it is only a style of play that they have grown accustomed to using, or have developed through intuition or superstition only. Pro gamblers are different in that they actively look for gambling systems that work.

You may have heard of progressive betting systems such as the Martingale System. The Martingale has the gambler increase their wager with every loss. It is based on the principle that no losing streak can go on forever; sooner or later a win will come and you will regain your losses and see some profit as well.

This may seem like a good idea and it is… if you’re playing a computer game with an endless supply of play chips. It is not so advisable to use this betting system in real life because the bankroll required is too big, and the reward too small. What’s more, casino tables have maximum bet limits on them so if you do go on a very long losing streak, you risk losing your entire play session bankroll. The Martingale shows that the casino can be beaten, but only if you had oodles of money and there was no wagering cap.

There are other betting systems and playing systems around. We will not endorse a single one in this article, but we do give hints for choosing the right one for you. Remember, each casino game has its own house advantage and playing style; thus each game calls for its own gambling system. The following is a general guide only:


– The system must fit the particular game on which it will be used. – The system must have stopping points for winning and losing. – The system must have wager shifts or progressions for stages in the game. – The system must be able to adjust to negative phases in the game. – The system must show prudence with the bankroll.

You can look up gambling systems in books and online tutorials and web sites. Once you have chosen a system to your liking, you have one thing to do: Practice, practice, and practice with it. Study it, apply it, and master it to the best of your ability. How long it takes to become expert of a system depends on the system and the game it is used for.

Make the system your own to such an extent that it becomes a habit. Anything less will cause you to digress from the system when things go badly. And if you are easily distracted, consider playing in an online casino instead of a live one – the fewer distractions, the better. As a pro gambler, you must be ready to break with old habits and create new ones for the sake of better gambling.


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