Lotteries have been since a day in and day out the most popular and widely most accepted ways of gambling in the word. The lottery, in general, is said to have started somewhere in China. Some say it was called the White Pigeon Game and was invented in the Han dynasty but others claim that lotteries were born in Europe somewhere in Italy. Whichever came first does not really matter anymore for there are so many types of lotteries that we can find in many countries today.

We have Keno for example which has been popularized in many countries around the world and is being played with 80 and sometimes 70 balls out of which 20 are drawn. The players must choose 20 different numbers and the more numbers you win, the higher your payout. Keno is also unique when it comes to the wager because Keno is the only gambling game where you can bet that you get zero correct hits.

The Lotto is the most common and most loved form of lottery, although the probability winning the jackpot in Lotto is very small, many people around the world still keep on playing it maybe because they want to believe in winning. Usually, the Lotto involved 49 or 45 total numbers out of which six are being chosen as the winning combination. The payouts depend on a wager and on how many numbers you have picked correctly. The minimum payout comes when a player can show at least four correct numbers.

Another lottery game is Bingo which has been popular everywhere for teaching purposes rather than gambling purposes. It only is in the US where Bingo is a popular gambling game and is often organized by churches. Every player gets a Bingo card with preset numbers and a caller announces the winning numbers. If the player was able to form a special design out of the winning numbers on the paper, then the player may call Bingo and be declared the winner of this gambling game.

There are also other lottery gambling games worldwide, like number games that involve guessing the right number or lotteries where the number in the gambling game only has three digits. China is very popular for its number games and different kinds of lotteries, so a visit to China is never wrong if you want to experience the number of gambling games.

In total there are more than ten different lottery types that are commonly found all over the world and there are surely more. Enjoy the lottery gambling type in your country and rejoice over any won amount.


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