New to the casinos? Take the advice of your fellow gamblers and avoid ruin. Here’s our advice to all the gamblers out there.

Making Foolish Bets.

No gambler should bet without knowing the odds and payoffs associated with the bet. Do your homework before putting your money on the line. Do you really know what odds you’re up against in slots or keno or poker?

Going on Tilt.

“Tilt” is a term used in poker. It describes a player who has gotten upset to the point that their game suffers. The quality of their play deteriorates; they play more hands than usual and they over-bet. When a normally patient gambler begins to make hasty decisions, you know they are on tilt. This makes them vulnerable to attack, especially in poker where experienced gamblers are quick to exploit such things.

When you sense you are about to go on tilt, stop playing. Take a break. Go have a drink, eat or play a different game. Whatever you do, give yourself time to recover mentally and emotionally. You were dealt a bad beat but staying in the game and losing more money won’t help make it better.

A gambler who is on tilt is chasing losses. They lost a great deal of money, got humiliated or both. Accept that it happens to everyone. If you rush it, you will only make it worse. Relax and review your game plan before playing further.

Going through a Dry Period.

Everyone goes through dry periods. These are times – sometimes lasting many months – when you just win nothing. It happens even to the best players. Even professional video poker and blackjack gamblers have such rough times. There are only two things that can save you here: ample bankroll and patience.

An ample bankroll is necessary for most serious gambling expeditions. You can expect to hit a royal flush every 40,000 hands, but it doesn’t always happen. You may know the theoretical expected return of blackjack or poker, but there is such a thing as standard deviation. How do you last during those dry spells? Same way you survive a drought: have plenty of food and water. In this case, it’s your bankroll. Make sure you have enough money to keep playing until the big win finally comes.

Overrating Comps.

Comps are useful. They add to your total winnings and make you feel better when you are losing. But you need to have the right attitude toward these. Comps are only a by-product of your gambling. Getting comps is not an end in itself. Don’t be jealous of gamblers who brag about or show off all the great comps they get. Most likely you’re looking at the casinos’ biggest losers.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be a loser to get comped. If you stay loyal to a casino and play for a long time, you will get better and better rating even if you aren’t a high roller. Speaking of which, comps aren’t just for the wealthy. Most comps today go to ordinary slot players from whom the casino makes most of its money!


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